Nuclear experiments

The last 4 days I have been doing neutron diffraction experiments at Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). It has been quite an experience, a very cool one actually. I have been wearing a portable radiation dose monitor, taking almost hourly full body radiation scans every day and operating a neutron beam. However, so far it looks that the most dangerous thing about this place is not the radiation but an aggressive bird who decided to nest in front of the main entrance. Some of the scientists have already suffered terrible attacks.

Check out the live broadcast from my experiment (available for the next 24 h) – We are measuring the rates of the mineral reaction where KBr crystal is replaced by KCl. The ultimate goal is to check if this reaction is faster for deformed crystals.

The diffraction peak for my KBr sample is around the unit 230 on the x-axis. The peak of KCl is just a little bit on the right side from the KBr peak. During the experiment, the signal of KBr becomes weaker but the signal of KCl intensifies due to the growth of KCl.

If you do not see the peaks, I am either changing the sample or obtaining terrible data.

neutron experiment

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