PhD life: last week’s highlights

This is a new project which I decided to experiment a bit with in this blog. The rule is to take one picture every day of something from my daily activities to show my non-academic friends what the hell I really do at University all the time.

Last week was actually quite busy. I am working on finishing my first paper, hopefully till the end of the year, doing experiments with salt crystals in a high temperature oven, shopping minerals for other set of experiments and on top of all that I got in a  bicycle accident on my way to Uni.

It is actually a funny story how the accident happened because it was caused by a bicycle helmet. There is a law in Australia that every cyclist has to wear a helmet, which I find ridiculous and do not want to comply with.  So I rode without the helmet the whole last year until 2 weeks ago got stopped by a police and almost fined. Since then I started to wear it on the main roads and took it off on quite streets. So on Thursday I was peacefully driving to the Uni with this bloody annoying thing on my head. Then near the campus area I started to take it off. While doing this the only option was to hold the steering wheel with the left hand. The bike was going down the hill. The front wheel started to turn. I lost control. Hit the kerb of the sidewalk. Fall. Then – blood, blackout, ambulance, etc… All of this only because of a helmet : ) Anyway I am fine now. Some pretty deep scratches but nothing that can not heal.  


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