To do list of a PhD student

– prepare a mindblowing talk for a conference (due in – 2 days);

– make a scientific poster on a project you have no data on (due in 1 day);

– (tomorrow) do some test experiments for the poster to hide the fact that you do not really have data;

– hunt for gem quality perfect crystals (to use for deformation-reaction experiments). This includes calling people in Mexico, stealing from teaching collections and getting in touch with Latvian mafia in Australia (this and next week);

– prepare for an intelligent conversation with a great scientist who is coming to give a talk on a relevant topic by reading 5 of his papers (today);

–  design an experimental apparatus (last week);

– make daily visits to the workshop which is constructing the apparatus until they can not bear the annoyment and finish it faster (following week);

– destroy some of your perfect crystals with the designed apparatus (following week);

– crush some alumina for high temperature-pressure experiments (following week);

– go back to the Stone Age [pun intended] and do hand-polishing of experimental samples, so they get finished sooner (following week);

– do geochemical and textural analysis on the polished samples (in 2 weeks);

– learn how to do chemical mass balance reactions for the paper in writing (following week);

– write a scientific paper (next 2 weeks);

– save the world.

Who needs a life if you have a PhD?

salt experiments

a) design for the experimental apparatus we will use for salt deformation – achieves stresses of 8 bar (idea by S. Piazolo); b) KBr single crystals for the deformation-reaction experiments

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