Guess where I will spend the next three years!

So this is official now. After finishing my Master’s degree I left Europe and moved to this beautiful country to pursue a PhD. Who knows, maybe there will become a scientist out of me eventually.

The next three years I will be working to understand the interaction between 3 principal agents – fluid, deformation and chemical reactions – operating in deep crustal environments, in conditions you get beneath the mountain belts when two continents collide. The project includes fieldwork, microscopy, experiments, and probably a bit of numerical modelling (depending if I’ll wake up my sleeping maths-genius). Also it looks like I am going to move around a bit as we do not have all the advanced equipment for my experiments on the place.

So guess the country and the city I am in now! As a hint, there is a logo of my new university at the right side of this post.

The winner will receive a limited-edition calendar for year 2013 featuring a collection of the best of my geology fieldwork pictures.

Update: The challenge is finished. The winner is B. Nelson

5 Responses to Guess where I will spend the next three years!

  1. reynardo says:

    India? Two continents collide, and you can do the work above water? If you’re not in Europe, there’s not a lot of other choices left.

  2. B. Nelson says:
    Sydney, Australia

    • Liene says:

      That’s right. It is Macquarie University in Sydney.
      Send me your contacts to liene.spr(at) if you want to receive the prize.

  3. Miguel Betancur says:

    Hey Liene! Does the university provides the economical resources for your experiments or do have to pay for everything(transport, EPM, rock saw…)? I am a Geology student cursing 1st semester. I love the fact that you have been to a bunch of places learning a lot. How is it possible? Do you contact the universities or w? Did you started going to universities from other places while you were still in your local university or did you started going to different universities after your Master? My mail es !! You are awesome, good luck with that PhD and keep it up!

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