Strange priorities

While the world, holding its breath, follows a bunch of grown-ups with the highest goal in their lives to cross a swimming-pool 50 times back and forth faster than others, to make the furthest jump in a sand-box or beat a person till he lays on the ground unable to get up, NASA had succeeded to land one of the most advanced masterpieces of engineering on a planet hundreds of millions kilometers away from the Earth. The information obtained by it in the next 2 years will add to the human knowledge about the past and evolution of this mysterious world and probably will provide a proof of the life outside the Earth.

Paradoxically the national television in my country broadcasts the first event nonstop while the second event received only one minute of time in the evening news. Am I the only one who considers this to be slightly bizarre?

One Response to Strange priorities

  1. Siim Sepp says:

    You are not the only one. I also often think how bizarre it is that sport is so important for us. We are really no athletes compared to many other mammals. We are pathetically weak and slow. It should be embarrassing to watch someone running 100 meters as slowly as Usain Bolt does. We should instead use our brain and space exploration should be one of our top priorities but it is far from that. Curiosity is cool but we should be able to do much more. We actually landed on the Moon already more than 40 years ago.

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