A quick update

The nice master students at PGP

  • 6 study papers, 2 presentations, 3 field courses,  3 days at conference, 3  exams and a job at university – this was how my life looked like during the last two months. Don’t expect me to write about geology now.
  • The last exam was yesterday. For the first time I spent a whole night at the University, studying and trying to get used to coffee. Did not succeeded. I mean with coffee. It is still a terrible liquid which is physically painful to drink.
  •  Half of my coursemates defend their master thesis this year. I was delighted to see my name in all of the acknowledgments. I told them it is the most readable part of their thesis. They told me to shut up until I learn how to talk properly. I will desperately miss them.
  • And they graduate just now, when Kristin finally started to get my name right. Every time I come to the office she greets me with: “Li-iena!” and I say: “Kristin!” It took her 9 months to get closer to: “Liene”.
  • Actually there is only one person in the whole department who pronounces my name right. Before the progress with Kristin I thought Norwegians are physically incapable for that.
  • We have a PGP summer party tomorrow. I went to buy stuff and food for that today with 2 another girls from department. Elvira was so happy we could barely contain her together. If we would let her rule, all of our dishes and napkins would say “Hello Kitty”. Instead of that we chose the classic blue ones for males and purple ones for females and a cocktail-shaped sunglasses for the bartender.
  • Actually we would be lost without Elvira because she was the only one who actually knows anything about partying.

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