In the middle of exams

Sometimes scientific literature is truly entertaining:   

                      The “antiplume lobby” (the name given neatly by Saunders [63]) has attacked the plume theory on several fronts. At times, the arguments of various parties, particularly of plume opponents, may seem to be passionate and even biased. This is reflected in the colorful rhetoric of the debate, often departing from academic style: “the plume myth,” “a nail into the coffin of plumes,” “the love affair with plumes,” “hell of a plume,” etc.

 (Puchkov, 2009)

Mantle plumes (Arndt, 2000)


Puchkov V.N. (2009). The Controversy over Plumes: Who Is Actually Right? Geotectonics, Vol. 43., no. 1, pp. 1-17.

Arndt N. (2000). Geochemistry: Hot heads and cold tails. Nature 407, 458-461.

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