The very famous pancake experiment

Food and science goes very well together. Especially, geology. Open any Structural geology textbook and you will find boudins, chocolate table structures, the “jelly sandwich” and “crème-brûlé” models and much more. Maybe because of the exhausting fieldworks or some other reason I do not know, but food certainly takes a very significant place in the minds of geologists.

So, following the very best traditions of this science, last week PGP smelled of pancakes. The master students carried out extensive series of experiments in a request by Henrik Svensen, PGP researcher who studies contact metamorphism in volcanic basins. How did it look and what relates pancakes and contact metamorphism, see here:

video by Liene Spruzeniece


Svensen, H., Planke, S., Chevallier, L., Malthe-Sørenssen, A., Corfu, B., and Jamtveit, B. (2007) Hydrothermal venting of greenhouse gases triggering Early Jurassic global warming. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 256, 554-566.

More publications on this topic here.

2 Responses to The very famous pancake experiment

  1. Gillian (Reynardo) says:

    Hmmmm. In the spirit of true scientific research, there needs to be a repeat of the experiments here to make sure similar results are reached.

    Someone pass the Maple Syrup. *urp*

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